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You are looking for new design solutions for facades, sun protection or ceilings?

Discover an innovative and extremely flexible material:

Expended metal         

  • is versatile
  • can be processed and refined to suit your individual needs
  • has a modern design

The expanded metal series PROTECH and STILTECH open up new design perspectives. See for yourself the visual and haptic effect of expanded metal: indispensable elements in modern architecture. Get to know and appreciate this unique material.

A sheet of expanded metal is conventionally produced by forming a series of staggered parallel slits in a metal sheet in transverse (crosswise) direction and stretched (expanded) in longitudinal direction in one motion.  In this way, the metal sheets obtain a rigid mesh structure.

Each type of mesh is manufactured using a certain tool. This way, all different types of mesh can be produced, e.g. with openings in the shape of a diamond, square, round hole or a hexagon.  Expanded metal design can be very versatile, using either standard design patterns or custom-made mesh patterns to meet special requirements.

Expanded metal is available in a three-dimensional (structured) design (e.g. for facades) or a two-dimensional (flat-rolled) design (e.g. for fence elements). Metal materials such as bright steel, aluminium, copper or stainless steel may be used for the production of expanded metal sheets.

It is manufactured to standard or individual dimensions in accordance with customer requirements and/or its intended purpose.

Processing options:

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